What is YouTube?

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What is YouTube and how can it be useful to my group?

YouTube, at YouTube.com, is the most popular video-sharing social media site and provides a good platform to visually showcase your department or group, encourage participation, network, and build recognition. Use YouTube to connect with prospective and current students, staff, faculty, partners, and alumni.

View the College of Charleston’s official YouTube channel.

View all of the College’s officially recognized social media accounts.

Why Use the College’s Official Channel

View our content creator guidelines.

The College’s Video Services team prefers that all videos created by employees of the College for marketing purposes be uploaded to the College’s official channel for the following reasons:

  • With all videos uploaded centrally, tracking of views, demographics and interest can be done centrally. This information is always provided to individual departments and groups when requested.
  • Videos are also easier for users to find when they are in one central location with strategically created playlists.
  • The College’s YouTube expert optimizes all videos for searches, so they are more likely to be found and watched.

Getting Started

  • Should you decide to establish your own account, choose a name that resonates with users and the College. Use the same name on all social media accounts.
  • Check out the College’s guidelines for YouTube content creators. The video you create could be featured on the College’s YouTube channel, which gets between 400 and 1,000 views daily.
  • When embedding videos, turn off the display of related videos at the end of the video play.
  • Keep videos short – two minutes or less is ideal. YouTube only allows videos that are no longer than 10 minutes long or 1 GB in size, however videos that are 10 minutes long must have compelling content to keep audience attention. 
  • When posting a video, keep in mind the viewer will judge your program based on the quality of the video.
  • Have the last frame of the video contain your program’s name and web address.
  • Select a dynamic image as the thumbnail to attract viewers.
  • Embed the videos in Facebook and other social networks to provide access to as wide of an audience as possible.