What Is LinkedIn?

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And how can it be useful to my group?

LinkedIn, found at linkedin.com, is a professional social networking site designed with three goals in mind - to enable users to connect with one another, to enhance career connections and business opportunities, and to share industry advice. The site can be a powerful tool when it comes to establishing professional relationships.

View the College of Charleston’s official LinkedIn group.

The College’s official account is managed by the Office of Alumni Relations.

Using LinkedIn

  • Groups can be established on LinkedIn, allowing users to gather on the site in a central location, participate in virtual discussions, post news, and promote job opportunities. Group administrators can also use the Send Announcement tool to broadcast updates and news to group members, or the Manage New Feed tool to post RSS feeds from various news sites.
  • To create a group, click “Groups” at the top of your homepage, then “Create a group.” You’ll need to decide if you want an open group (anyone can join) or a members-only group (they will request to join). Read more about starting a group on LinkedIn.
  • Establish a name that resonates with users and the College. Use the same name on all social media accounts.
  • If members must be approved to join the group, be an active administrator and notify new members once they've been approved. Include information on how to use the group, what tools are available, etc.
  • Populate the group by scanning other networks and groups/companies for potential members and invite those people to join.
  • Filter postings on the discussion board. Move job postings to the Jobs section and vice versa.
  • Don't focus on "selling" your organization/entity, rather put the focus on the group and members. Provide content that would be appealing to them.
  • Consider utilizing the polling function and implement a poll to gauge the pulse of the group.
  • Participate in the group by posting useful and helpful information and by posting and participating in discussions.
  • Thank people for contributing. If a member becomes a frequent poster, acknowledge them and encourage them.
  • Highlight new features when and if they are added. Talk specifically about how to use new features and ask others to share their experiences with new features.
  • Make introductions between members you feel would benefit from one another.
  • Share the group - either directly through the site to your LinkedIn network or by posting the group URL on external websites and marketing materials.
  • Carry conversations held on LinkedIn over to other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, but be sure you get permission first.
  • Contact people who are not registered with LinkedIn and encourage them to join the group.