Social Media for Campus

Social media can be a great way to reach current and prospective students, alumni, parents, and community members. Schools, departments, programs, and centers have wide latitude in creating and maintaining accounts on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The Social Media Team asks that you do so in ways that are professional, technically secure and transparent. Make sure the content posted by, or on behalf of, any program or department adheres to all College of Charleston policies and to appropriate laws that govern the dissemination of public information.

By creating your own presence, you should be prepared to maintain it and keep it updated, as you would with a department web page. Before deciding if a separate social media presence for your program or department is necessary, think about what you will be posting and your goals. If you have just a few things to post, or are just promoting a one-time event, then consider asking the administrators of existing accounts to post information for you. 

Contact the Social Media Team to inquire about posting on the College's official accounts.