Web and Electronic Communications

Every College of Charleston Web page affects the user’s perception of the College. To ensure that visitors are given a strong and unified impression of the College and its departments, the website should reinforce the College’s brand identity through visual and stylistic consistency.

In addition to outlining the best practices for composing e-mail signatures and for communicating through mass e-mail and graphic-rich e-mail, this chapter provides the standards for the College’s Web and electronic communications, establishing guidelines and templates for the College of Charleston’s new website.

The Division of Marketing and Communications is responsible for ensuring that all webpages are consistent with the  brand and visual identity standards within this manual. Information Technology is responsible for the maintenance and support of the systems and software infrastructure necessary to the College of Charleston’s websites.

All design variations developed by internal units of the College, or by outside vendors, must be approved by both the Division of Marketing and Communications and Information Technology Division. For questions about these standards, or to request a modification of the templates included herein, e-mail the Division of Marketing and Communications or call 843.953.6462.