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The Experts Guide is intended to help the media locate experts who can offer commentary and analysis on issues in the news and provide community organizations with a source of expert speakers on a variety of topics.

We hope you find this guide useful.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact Mike Robertson, senior director of media relations at 843.953.5667; or Ron Menchaca, senior director of communications at 843.953.3395.

Media Style Guide

Formal Name, 1st Reference: College of Charleston
Preferred 2nd Reference: the College
Abbreviation: If an abbreviation is needed in headlines or TV chyrons, "CofC" would be appropriate. The university's name should not be abbreviated in article text.

Please use only the College of Charleston wordmark when graphic representation is needed. The Office of Media Relations can provide electronic versions on disk, customized in a form compatible with your computer system.

Photos and Video

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Broadcast News

If you are bringing your live or satellite truck, you must contact the Office of Media Relations for clearance. The office will notify Public Safety.

If you contact the Office of Media Relations, we can work with Public Safety so you can park as close as possible to a building or area.


  • Mike Robertson, Senior Director of Media Relations – 843.953.5667, cell 843.870.1277
  • Ron Menchaca, Senior Director of Communications – 843.953.3395