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What Is Flickr?

And how can it be useful to my group?

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Flickr,, is an online photo management and sharing site designed with two goals in mind – help people make their content available to the people who matter to them and enable new ways of organizing photos and video.

Using Flickr

  • Establish a username and name that resonate with followers and the College. Use the same name on all social media accounts.
  • Generally an uncompressed file size of 2 MB will display well on Flickr.
  • Convert image files to the electronic friendly color space of sRGB.
  • Provide an image title and description for every image posted to Flickr. Image titles and descriptions are used as search criteria and may help to generate activity/traffic.
  • Use Adobe Photoshop or another application to add title, description, keyword, and copyright information or use Flickr to manually input this data. See "Organize" on the Flickr site.
  • If the photos you are uploading are from College of Charleston Photography, the basic information in all these fields will already be provided. Please note that some photographs may include instructor/student first and last name.
  • Indicate posted photographs to be copyright protected as “© College of Charleston”. This adds additional protection.
  • Decide whether or not to allow downloads of your photos.
  • Set default to no downloads allowed.
  • Or allow downloads to only images that do not include identifiable students.
  • Or allow downloads and select the option to maintain “All Rights Reserved”.
  • Consider allowing the use of images by allowing and tagging images with the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license. This license allows the download and use of your image provided the images are attributed to you, but it does not allow the commercial use of the image or allow the image to be used in or as part of an illustration.