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College of Charleston Brand Manual

Welcome to the College of Charleston brand manual website. This website is intended to be a supplement to the print version of our College of Charleston Brand Manual — Visual Identity and Style Guide, Volume 2. This second edition of the Brand Manual is only available online, but can be downloaded in PDF format in its entirety or by individual chapter.

On this website, you will find everything you need to use the College of Charleston wordmark, visual identity, brand messages, and written style correctly. The Brand Manual is, at its essence, a toolkit. It is not designed to inhibit creativity or expression. It is meant to provide a solid and standardized foundation upon which all College departments, programs and units can build their marketing and communications plans and materials. The Brand Manual will help the College of Charleston present its messages in a manner that people will both respect and remember.

If you are responsible for the creation or implementation of marketing and communications materials - brochures, print ads, signage, websites, electronic messages or others - you should be familiar with our brand messages, visual identity and style guidelines. They will help you create materials that complement other College of Charleston marketing materials, strengthening the impact of your own communications as well as the College of Charleston brand.

All designs developed by internal units of the College, or by outside vendors, should be submitted to the Division of Marketing and Communications to ensure consistency with the standards within this manual. For questions about standards or to request review of a design, please contact the Division of Marketing and Communications or 843.953.6462.