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College of Charleston Wordmark

The College of Charleston wordmark is the College's sole brand identifier, replacing all other logos, symbols and identifiers used in the past. No other logos, symbols or marks - with the exception of the Athletics Department marks and the occasional, approved use of the official College of Charleston seal - may be used by administrative or academic units to represent the College of Charleston. No section or part of the wordmark may be separated out and used to create a new wordmark, visual identifier or mark.
The new wordmark system supersedes all logos and artwork created by various units of the College. The official wordmark should be the only symbol used on College of Charleston print materials, websites, communications and other materials. The deadline for phase-in of the new College of Charleston wordmark on all materials, and the elimination of other logos, was June 30, 2009. The following guidelines are intended to protect that identity and prevent the proliferation of alternative identities that can undermine the College of Charleston brand.

The standards outlined in this section must be followed for all marketing and communications materials. If materials are found not to conform to the standards herein, the department or office producing the materials will be required to take corrective steps, including disposing of printed materials that do not follow the branding and visual identity standards. If there is any doubt about compliance, please email the Division of Marketing and Communications for review, prior to the production of your project.

Using the College of Charleston wordmark

The appropriate wordmark must appear on all print materials produced by any unit of the College. It is acceptable for offices and departments of the College to use the College wordmark by itself, with the appropriate school identifier, or with the individual unit, program, office or department identifier.

The only modification to the wordmark should be the authorized addition of the appropriate school, department, office, center, institute, program or group name.

Individual schools, departments or offices may not create their own logo or visual identity, nor may they alter the wording, configuration or appearance of the College of Charleston wordmark. Doing so diminishes the College’s efforts to present a coordinated and professional appearance and creates confusion in the public mind about whether an entity is part of the College of Charleston.

To request a copy of the College of Charleston wordmark or custom wordmark for your office, department or unit with the unit name embedded into the wordmark, e-mail your request.

Proper Configuration of the College of Charleston Wordmark

The wordmark must be used in the authorized configurations shown in this manual. It should appear prominently on all marketing and communications materials produced by any office, department or unit of the College. Below is the primary version of the wordmark.

College of Charleston Wordmark

It will be appropriate in some instances to reinforce the history of the College of Charleston to audiences who are unfamiliar with the institution. In these cases, the wordmark with the addition of the words Founded 1770 may be used in place of the standard wordmark. In most cases, the wordmark with Founded 1770 need only be used in the most prominent placement (e.g., the front cover of a booklet) and the standard wordmark may be used for other placements (e.g., the mailing panel or back cover).

College of Charleston Founded 1770 Wordmark