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College Seal

The seal of the College of Charleston is derived from the City of Charleston’s seal, which was adopted in 1783. The College’s seal was approved by the Board of Trustees on March 23, 1843, and features the Latin phrases Sapientia Ipsa Libertas (Wisdom Itself Is Liberty) and Ædes Mores Juraque Curat (She Cares for Her Temples, Customs and Rights). The seated woman holding the scepter is described as a personification of Charleston and evokes an image of the city deriving its livelihood from the sea and prepared to defend itself. She is shown presenting a laurel wreath to a young man holding a diploma in front of a classroom building. The dates 1770 and 1837 refer to the year of the College’s founding and the year the City of Charleston assumed responsibility for its support.

The seal of the College of Charleston may be used only with official correspondence, such as binding legal agreements; formal documents such as diplomas, transcripts, major institutional report and research covers, and programs for academic ceremonies; approved signage; and formal invitations and engraved notecards. It may appear on selected apparel and gift items upon proper licensing. For further information, or for approval to use the seal, contact the Division of Marketing and Communications.

College of Charleston Seal