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Color Palette

The use of color is a subtle tool for communicating the image of an interesting and dynamic institution. The College of Charleston’s integrated color system was designed to be flexible, yet consistent, and to add vigor to every aspect of the College’s communications. These colors should be used to highlight and delineate different aspects of campus life and courses of study.

To ensure the consistency of our visual identity, specifications for each color are provided for use in print, web and electronic presentation applications. Please note that screen and laser-printer color is not necessarily an accurate representation of actual colors due to variances in monitor and printer calibrations.

  • Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors and CMYK values are provided for color printing applications.*
  • Web safe Hexadecimal (HEX) values are provided for web use.
  • RGB values are listed for electronic presentation applications.

College Colors

Pantone Conversion Chart College Colors

Branding and Accent Colors

The color palette is taken from Charleston’s unique beauty, capturing the blues and greens of the Carolina coast and marshes as well as the bright colors of Charleston’s diverse architecture. These colors may be used both for large areas of color or as an accent color. The College’s wordmark should only be used as provided in solid PMS 188, solid black or white.

Pantone Conversion Chart Accent Colors

Color Combinations to Avoid

Color is one of the most powerful ways a university can identify itself. Used consistently, the colors chosen to represent the College of Charleston create a strong identifying image. Conversely, some colors and color combinations can be confusing. For instance, colors associated with other colleges and universities in South Carolina should not be used. Although maroon (PMS 188) is one of the College's colors, use of only black and maroon together should be avoided.